My First Air Race

The race is complete!

moab flight

The Mission... fly the 2009 Air Race Classic and raise funds for Wings of Hope. This year marks the 80th anniversary of the transcontinental speed competition for women pilots that was first flown in 1929, and affectionately known as the "Powder Puff Derby." It will cover nearly 2,715 miles, with stops at ten airports in nine different states.

I'm flying in "Loki," my 1976 Bellanca Citabria, a two-seat, aerobatic, fabric-covered aircraft with a 150-hp engine. The race is handicapped, meaning that crews are timed against their aircraft's capabilities, rather than flying against the clock. It also means that winning the race is about the crew's skills, and not the equipment they are using. We're looking forward to showing our mettle in the lineup!

Our Cause

wings_of_hope I wanted to make a diff­er­ence by com­pet­ing in this race, and raise funds for a flying-​related, humanitarian purpose. Wings of Hope caught my eye. They are dedicated to changing the course of humanity towards peace and hope by fighting poverty. A non-​sectarian, non-​racial, non-​political inter­national organization, Wings of Hope establishes bases of operations and partnerships with the poor being served. The services at each base are customized depending on the needs of the region, and are aimed at building self-​sufficient communities. The common denominator is always health care and a transportation system, typically a small bush airplane.

My First Air Race - carbon balanced with TerraPass Air Race Classic Team 33 is bal­ancing its global warming impact by spon­sor­ing clean energy and carbon reduction projects through TerraPass.

Our Sponsors

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Zelkova Brewing
Data Network Group, Inc.

Gold Level

P.E. & K.S. Menchen

Silver Level

Lucile's Creole Cafe
Suits USA, Inc.
IAC Chapter 12
R. Buckley

Bronze Level

Private Donation - Switzerland
R.A. Young
M. Mantei
L.D. Felix / Olathe Spray Service
J. Cain
J. Stella
C. Irvin
R. & M. James
Air West Flight Center, Inc.
New Attitude Aerobatics
E. Buckley
Powder Puff Pilot
M. Oberg
S. A. Charbonneau & N. R. Tinker
K. Moloney
M. Holliday

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